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Note: This Article is about SAP Screen Personas 2.0.

This document explains how to assign Flavors to a Group of Users.

A Flavor is created through SAP Personas 2.0 by the Developer or Consultant.This Flavor needs to be assigned to a list of Users.

Following are the steps with Screenshots.

Step1 : Login into SAP ECC system and go to transaction code /PERSOS/ADMIN_UI

Step2: Select Group Maintenance.

           Give a Group Name and select the system(in which the flavors are created) and assign list of users to the Group.


Step3: In the Above Screen, click on 'Assign Flavors'.

            Select the Flavors which should be assigned to the users.

Step4: Next select 'Mass User Maintenance'.

            Select the Group and click on List Users Button.

            Select all or required users.

            Select System where the Flavors are created.

            Select Personas Role and generally for End users, we use 'RENDER_ROLE'.

            Click on Apply.

Now the End user when he logs in through SAP Personas system, he can view the Flavor.

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