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Note : The following is done on SAP Personas 2.0.


This was our first development in SAP Personas Test System and the requirement was to create a Customer.

The Screen should have only the required fields and all unnecessary fields and tabs should be hidden.


A Custom Main Screen is prepared in SAP Personas 2.0 as shown below.

Once the customer is created, the customer number should be shown in the Main Screen as shown below.

The following is the script used for 'Create Sold to Party'.

The above Script calls transaction code XD01.

And this Script uses Account Group 001(Sold to Party) and skips first Screen(the below screen gets skipped ie., hidden from user).

The above Script skips the first screen and shows directly the General Screen where the user fills all the required data as shown below.

Now when the user clicks on 'Save', it should go directly to the Custom Main Screen (ie., it should skip the initial Screen of XD01 which is shown above) .

Difficulty Faced:

After Save, we were unable to click on the status bar in the below screen.

So we thought of another solution, to use a Script Button for Save.

This Script, would do the following:

  • call actual Save button.
  • then on the XD01 Screen it calls Refresh
  • then selects display button
  • then copies the customer number
  • then shows this customer number as the status message in the Main Screen of Personas.

Since in XD01 we can not click on status bar to copy the message we used the above solution to click on display button and copy the customer number.

Clicking on Display will show the last customer number created.

The following is the Script.

The formula we used here was args.Status = "Customer " + args.custno + "created successfully".

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Product and Topic Expert
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How about doing a Refresh Screen after saving, then copying ses[0]/sbar to status?