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Registration goes here : SAP Online Track

Any idea/suggestion/information related to above, feel free to share in comment section below.

Organizer speak: Members open to mention any technical topic from SAP processes, they want to have session on, we will reach out to experts/leaders in that domain and invite them to our community platform, to share their insights over same.

You are also welcome to deliver one, yep Speaker. Please feel free to send out your name and topic as direct message on which, you’d like to share your knowledge with community members or mention your interest in link shared above.

Based on the responses/entries/suggestions, timings/topics/speakers will be announced. Yeah, this time its open for all.

Keep watching this space, learning awaits you!

[Update: 30-Jun-2020]

Thank you all for the very warm responses, it was from all corners be it world or SAP areas, we received responses for listeners and speakers, after all the discussion and brainstorming, here goes the final list...

Speaker Topic Details
eid.haddad Exploring DMEE Extended Data medium Exchange Engine-FI Holds 25 years of great experience across SAP areas and expertise of in depth processes in Finance.
ujjwal16 ABAP evolution & S/4 Migration technical Part-1 ECC/HANA overview, how ABAP has changed from ABAP for ECC-> ABAP on HANA and last, S/4 migration and work of ABAP consultant.
sourabh.manocha S/4 Migration from an eye of Basis Consultant Holds 10 year of working SAP Basis experience, have worked on various types of Upgrade/Migration/Conversion projects.


Please don't forget to register here SAP Online Track

Each session will last for an hour. Stay tuned for any further updates...

[Update: 16-Jul-2020]

We are approaching the date and here goes few updates...

For session "ABAP evolution & S/4 Migration technical", this has been divided into two parts, first will be theoretical and giving overview of ABAP,HANA,S/4 HANA,new changes.

The 2nd part, which will be covered in upcoming tracks will be having HANDS-on sessions, where we logged into the system and take you through the new changes from technical standpoint.

On "Exploring DMEE Extended Data medium Exchange Engine-FI", because of some unexpected situation, this won't be up in this track. we'll merge this with upcoming tracks as well.

[Update: 22-Jul-2020]

So, we are all set now and welcome you all to the track, please set the reminder and join us at below link on 25th.

Speaker Topic/Link Premieres on
Ujjwal Singh Journey from ECC TO S/4, other databases to HANA and evolution of ABAP 25-07-2020, 11:00-12:00 UTC;  16:30-17:30 IST
Sourabh Manocha Overview of S/4 HANA System Migration from BASIS perspective and essential tools to support the tran... 25-07-2020, 10:00-11:00 UTC;  15:30-16:30 IST

Further details to be shared soon!