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Hi SCN Readers,

I'm feeling very excited to mention the experience of attending SIT 2014 Hyderabad from a volunteer's POV .

So this is how all it happened .

How to get an idea about SIT events/venues/dates :

Being a regular follower of SCN community , it wont be difficult to find out the same.

Prior to start of the event , you all can find out the whereabouts of the event in the Home page of your SCN profile.

You can get all relevant contact details and application procedure by following the same.

If you are enthusiast enough you can get through the screening process and be ready to take part of the event as a volunteer.

Start of the The Day ( Feb 22nd 2014):

As a part of volunteer team we all were expected to reach out bit early to Help out at Registration Desk  and to be involved in

Time Keeping activities during the sessions.

The event kicked off with an introduction speech by mahesh.kumar8 and the event arrangement authorities

from Deloite Hyderabad.The sessions were subdivided into 3 Streams: Technical , Functional and Analytics.

I was the part of Analytics volunteer Team as came from SAP BIW background but the best part is you can attend

any other session also as per your interest.

Analytics Track Summary:-

Agenda SITHYD ( SAP Inside Track Hyderabad 2014)

Analytics track consisted of topics which gave us an overview of many existing and new technologies of SAP used across like

Big Data , SAP HANA , Hadoop ,SAP River , SAP Lumira vs Tableau to name a few.

The  afternoon sessions started after a delicious lunch break ( Thanks to Deloitte Mgmt :smile: ) and was followed by interactive networking

session where everyone reached out to each other for contact and ideas sharing  .

As all the topics being covered in Analytics  sessions were new to me , so I got a very good overview about these topics in the 6 hours of sessions

which could have easily taken a weeks time if would got through them if my own .

Closing ceremony:-

The event concluded with award recognition for 3 best topics from each track , in the voting process of which every attendees were involved

followed by thanksgiving photo sessions.

Thanks for making it BIG ( SAP INSIDE TRACK HYDERABAD 2014)

So attending this event has given me inspiration to present a topic in the next upcoming SIT :smile: .

Thanks to mahesh.kumar8 ,Deloitte team and all the volunteers for  making it a grand success.