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This is a bit delayed, but I wanted to make sure that I got it right for my first SDN blog post.  I found out about Inside Track from an ASUG friend of mine and offered to present to try and bring some BOBJ flavor to the SAP side of the house.  To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive.  But after the first few minutes, I realized that those fears were unfounded.

Inside Track Newtown Square was a great success and the simultaneous online/in-person presentation mode seemed to be a big hit.  But what really caught me off-guard was the total integration of social networking- I never realized that SAP had such a big embrace of social networking.  By the end of the day  I had: 
     - New Twitter Followers and folks I followed
     - An invitation to Blog on SDN
     - A Flip video of me talking about my SDN experiences on YouTube
     - A great walkthrough of the ASUG and SDN portals

I think that this embrace of social networking is a great way for professionals to interact, problem solve and vent.  And while there is a large base of SAP ‘Social Networkers’, there’s a good number of very active BOBJ folks who are quite active and have been warmly embraced by the larger SAP community.  Some of these BOBJ folks are official SAP Mentors and others are just people who know and love the tools!!

For this BOBJ-Only developer…SAP Inside Track brought me into the SAP social network and I’m looking forward to seeing where this ride is going to take me!