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Hello all,


Now it´s my turn for telling you how this amazing event took place, the making of, how I was called to join it.

This is my personal experience, this blog pretends to be a way of congrat everybody to organized it.

Before starting, let me introduce myself to this community. Many of you know me for LinkedIn, others probably don´t. I started usind SAP in the year 2015, moment when I took a course of SAP FI. It was in the year 2018 when I passed a certification (CO) and started working as a trainer.

Working as a trainer gave me a global idea of a solution, as well as the business. Being in charge of training for users was very positive because, apart from fixing the normal issues in the system (errors of dates, the MM periods not updated, etc), it taught me about how to explain to others and how to communicate.

Having saying that, let´s start with the topic! I don´t want you all to miss the point 🙂


Above starts the real topic of the blog:


How it started

Last year, in 2020 I did a lecture about Fixed asset in S/4HANA 1909. It was quite successful, but my first time in an event like this. Many things to learn, many things to improve.

Despite being quite successful, I felt like I want to participate in more events, I want that my work gets to many people, that people realize about the constancy, perseverance and work well done.

It was around August when someone in a Whatsapp group posted a link about Consignment in SAP. Hmmmm... it was nice, so I took it as a topic. What happened after this, will be told later 😉

It was August and I started working as a consultant (Finally, yay!), so everything was new at job, all the processes, the technical vocabulary, the proyect itself, so it was a moment when I couldn´t develop the content of the topic.

The presentation was prepared during almost a month. Needless to say that I needed more information, so searching online, on the SAP web, etc. I saw that there were 2 different processes:

  • Vendor Consignment process

  • Customer Consignment process


Did I know that? NO! As initially I only considered one (vendor).

Many people were invited to see me.. The tension started 😉


The making off

As usual and having experience as a trainer, I knew that real use cases are always useful for people.

Also, the presentation in SITFOR 2020 was based in a real use case. What did I do? Again, I based my presentation in real cases, one for Vendor process and the other for Customer process.

I have to admit that it took more than usual, because I had to take data that already existed in the system and customized so that the processes worked without problems. I was quite stressed, because there were days with error after error. One thing was fixed and four were not.

While I was preparing it, I realized that Customer Consignment process has other four processes and each one of them have other 3-4 steps, depending on the process. Ufff again, remaking the presentation. I didn´t consider them!

Finally, after lots of tests and attempts, I got to finish the processes. Finally it was finished the former monday, draft of presentation sent to the organization and videos pre-recorder. I was saved!!


The presentation

After all the incidents during the make-off, I finally did the presentation. It was on nov 4th, at 22:00, Spain time.

Previously to this, I did a time test at home, considering that I would be able to play all the videos.

Something told me that it would be better to use the system itself than playing the videos. It was during the presentation when I considered it.

So I did, I used the system to show some examples. Unluckily and due to the time spent, I could not finish the 4 processes for Customer Consignment, I did 2, but well done.

About the time spent, I think it was too much. Consignment is a quite difficult topilc to explain, as long as it involves some legal vocabulary.


Final impression

Time flies. Sometimes I didn´t see the clock, and I was not aware about the time. I think that I was either too nervous for looking at it, with so much pressure that I didn´t realize about how long it lasted.

It was in the end of the first part when I checked the time.

Oh, I spend 45 minutes in that part and without showing the example.. pfff.

Fast, I showed it and move on to the next part (Customer Consingment process). That part was explained quite fast, without less interruptions.

Other two demos were shown, one for Consignment Fill-up and Consignment Issue.

Other two were not shown, despite having the videos prepared.

Now at the moment when I said mnauel.robalinho "The presentation is over", I almost cried.


Too much effort, too much nervousness, too much tension. But I did it!!!


The other speakers

Needless to say, that I have to learn a lot about them.

I want to improve, I want to learn, I want to fight for a good work.

the rest of the speakers are my example to follow:












A big thanks to mnauel.robalinho and his organization. He calmed me down before the presentation, we laughed for a while and I hope it was also positive for him.


Of course, I would like to go to the next year!!


See you!!