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Flying back to Palo Alto the long way gave me time to realize that I had spoken about SAP HANA in a video, in my SAP TechEd keynote, and then with the press, analysts, customers, etc, but I had neglected to talk to you, the SDN community!

One of the things I like most about SDN, is that I can talk to a technology savvy group without holding back. So, no flowery phrases, here are the SAP HANA numbers:
•    460B Rows Aggregated 20x Faster
•    200x Price Performance
•    Scan 2B, Aggr 10M records /second /core
•    Dunning  -- 1200x Faster
•    Settlement – 50x Faster
•    Ageing – No Aggregates
•    Linear Scaling

These numbers were so phenomenal that SAP issued a separate press release with further technical details about SAP HANA, so please take a look.

All of the numbers prove one thing: SAP HANA provides a foundation on which a new generation of applications can be built, enabling customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source in real time. (That is a line from the press release, but it is not flowery phase, it is a fact.)

In-memory computing reduces complexity by many factors – layering, orchestration, reading, writing, parsing, intermediary formatting, etc, -- so we can unwind the complex layers that were put in place to take application logic processing out of the database. The simplicity of this design – and the lack of layers – creates the ability to develop applications extremely quickly while writing only the minimal amount of code necessary.

With SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning, which was built in only 70 days, we are delivering the first application built on SAP HANA. This is a portent of great things to come, and I cannot wait see what the SDN members do with SAP HANA!

The best place to get started learning about SAP HANA is right here, on SDN.