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SAP has combined the power of HANA with the speed of a rapid-deployment solution!

SAP HANA rapid-deployment solutions.

Before we talk about anything else, let's first understand what SAP HANA is and what a SAP Rapid Deployment Solution is:


HANA = stands for "High Performance Analytical Appliance" and is an SAP in-memory, column-based appliance to optimize performance for Business Intelligence & data warehousing related applications

There are a lot of videos and blogs that explain what HANA can do for you. My personal favorite video is the one where Steve Lucas, Global GM &Senior Executive, SAP Business Analytics &Technology, gives a simple and comprehensive view of SAP’s latest prodigy child, HANA:

So, now we know that SAP HANA helps you develop breakthrough business applications and run real-time analytics. This powerful, in-memory computing platform delivers a next-generation technology stack – all in one package. SAP HANA transforms business by streamlining applications, analytics, planning, predictive analysis, and sentiment analysis on a single platform so business can operate in real-time. SAP and Partner solutions powered by SAP HANA have everything you need to build a personalized customer experience and to reach your business goals:

  • Accelerate key business processes with in-memory technology

  • Invent new business models and processes by leveraging innovative solutions

  • Reduce TCO with less hardware and maintenance

  • Provide the base for speeding data across lines of business and industries

For more information on SAP HANA, please go here.

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions = preconfigured software, implementation services, content, and end user enablement. Allowing customers to run better in only a matter of weeks!

Keeping the above information (SAP HANA) in mind, let's understand what SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are and how your business can benefit from them.
SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions are sold in bite sized chunks called packages. In one package, you get everything you need to be up and running quickly, with a defined scope and predictable costs, there are no surprises.

And you can expand your solution as you go – they are modular!

The potential benefits?

  • Deploy solutions quickly and easily with preconfigured software, content and enablement

  • Address your most pressing business needs today while laying the foundation for future expansion

  • Choose from different deployment, hosting and financing options from SAP or its broad ecosystem of partners

Make sense already? If yes, great! If you want more details, please watch this video:

SAP HANA + SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions = Greatness 

Now we're at a point where we understand the value of both HANA and SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, you might ask, what is the connection between the two?

The twist in the story is a combined offering of HANA + SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Meaning, you can benefit from HANA’s capacity of transforming your business in the form of a preconfigured, easy to deploy, fixed scope, fixed priced solution!

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not! Check out this customer success story for proof:

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions offer you a simple and easy entry into the revolutionary world of HANA. We've got something coming for all your needs that will make your business run like never before.

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