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Big Data – we’ve all heard about it in a context or the other. But most people don’t wrap their heads around the magnitude of it, since big data doesn’t feel tangible to most of us. It’s not something you can touch or quantify physically.

But try to imagine this:

Every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time until 2003 [Source]

Over 90% of all the data in the world was created in the past 2 years. [Source]

For a collection of incredible facts about Big Data, check out this article.

This is the reality of the present and this is only the beginning. With technology rapidly progressing and more and more data being produced, big data is only getting bigger.

Just imagine the potential of using all this data and transforming it into knowledge. 

But, Big data comes with big challenges.

Storing and processing ever increasing volumes of data in a timely and cost-effective manner often proves difficult for businesses, as well as is the increasing speed by which you need to collect, process and deliver data to users.

Big data comes in multiple formats, including non-structured data such as comments across social media, so, how can you make sure you leverage all this?

How can you get an understanding of the wide range of heterogeneous and non-integrated tools you have to work with when collecting and analyzing big data?

SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution enables your business to leverage unstructured, event stream and signal intelligence scenarios, as well as provides predefined configuration and integration content for your choice of cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployments.

SAP Rapid-deployment solutions combine SAP software with content based on best practices and an innovative delivery model with a predefined scope and predictable costs. This helps to accelerate the implementation times and lower risk and make it possible for customers to implement SAP software in a matter of weeks, while providing a platform designed to evolve and extend as your business grows.

So, what is included in the SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution?

The solution provides:

Sentiment Intelligence – That helps you gain direct insights from your customers, deliver personalized, engaging experiences and create more responsive business with precision targeting.

By integrating structured and unstructured data from diverse sources and providing a comprehensive environment for harvesting, digesting, segmenting, root-cause reasoning, and prediction, Semantic intelligence gives you access to relevant and timely information for increasing the velocity of decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

You can generate real-time consumer insights, deliver personalized, engaging experiences and create more responsive business with precision targeting.

Stream Intelligence for Web Stream Analysis- Allows you to monitor incoming events in real time, detect patterns of opportunities or problems, aggregate, analyze and respond with an event-driven architecture.

The use case for this scenario is web log analysis of numbers of visitors, pages viewed, and hits, as well as source browser, search engine, user demographic and geographic information. Both alert and predictive analysis are included in the solution.

Signal Intelligence for Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance – Provides you with insight-to-action into machine-to-machine communication, the internet of things, service management and repair, as well as maintenance operations.

The use case for this scenario is sensor analytics (smart grid) and predictive maintenance, providing insight-to-action for machine-to-machine communication, the internet of things, service management, and repair & maintenance operations using predefined templates.

Signal Intelligence for Transformer Load Analytics – Helps conduct a retrospective analysis of the load spikes, and of the resulting loss of life for transformers

The use case for this scenario is insight-to-action for service management and repair & maintenance operations.

All these elements brought together in the SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution provide a platform for the real-time analysis, aggregation and visualization of high volumes, velocities and varieties of business-critical data.

You will be able to leverage a holistic and integrated big data platform as well as use both structured and unstructured data to understand your customers and respond to opportunities.

The SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment will allow for a comprehensive insight to action for machine-to-machine communication, by monitoring machine signal communication and drive appropriate responses, such as repair and maintenance operations, as well as be able to efficiently analyze transformer load by geography, load spikes, and the resulting loss of life for transformers.

The SAP HANA big data platform converges database and application platform capabilities in-memory to transform transactions, analytics, text analysis, predictive, and spatial processing so that your business can operate in real-time.

You will gain measurable success by efficiently tracking both negative and positive customer sentiment and trends on social media in order to discover hidden business opportunities, quickly acquiring, analyzing and presenting data from a wide variety of data sources to support both market-oriented and IT management scenarios and by leveraging sensor data to support smart grid analytics and predictive maintenance.

Everything while having control on the implementation costs associated with big data platform deployment.

Make Big data work for you and your business instead of against you.

The easiest way for your business to benefit from big data is through a rapid-deployment solution that takes the complexity out of implementation and is using flexible deployment (on premise or in the cloud).

Interested to find out more? Then take a look at the SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution on the SAP Service Marketplace

If you are interested in further rapid-deployment solutions related to SAP HANA, take a look at the available Portfolio on the SAP Service Marketplace.

If want the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Package Owner of the SAP HANA Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solution, Dr. Norbert Koppenhagen or to discuss Big Data in general, you can join the Big Data group, that utilizes the Meet-up platform to organize fun and interactive sessions where people can learn from experts and connect with peers on everything and anything on Big data.

The group was created by Norbert and has attendees coming from diverse IT-related backgrounds who meet on a regular basis to discuss Big Data in an opened environment.

Also, if you would like to learn more about Big data and other SAP products and solutions that can help your business run better, just check out OpenSAP, an opened for all learning platform that delivers online courses on the latest SAP innovations free of charge.