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The success story of SAP in India is incredible, and the amount of Research and innovation that happens here at SAP Labs could very easily be attributed to the engagement that SAP has with top engineering and business management institutes across the country. It is therefore very natural that  "Faculty Day", wherein SAP thanks the "gurus", who nurture the young minds even before they join the SAP Family is a very special event everyone at SAP.

Last week, SAP Labs HR and SAP University Alliances jointly organized the second edition of "SAP Faculty Day" at SAP Labs, Bangalore India. SAP Faculty day is  a celebration of the role that our "Gurus", have played in our life. As declared even before the event began, "Every day at SAP is a Faculty Day, but we celebrate one day officially to pay tribute to faculties".

The event started off with Anil Warrier (Global Head of Talent Acquisition), explaining why we need SAP Faculty Day, and his own personal experiences of young mind's triumph in life against all adversaries, due to the guidance and support from their teachers. This was followed up with Andy Dey and Dr. Jeffrey Word explaining Innovation at SAP and SAP's future product strategy, and how the growth of SAP is interlinked to the symbiotic "win-win" relationship with Faculties worldwide. 

Ann Rosenberg, the Global Head of SAP University Alliances, explained to the crowd of over 130 faculties, the new UA framework of "Learn, Apply & Share".  She further gave insights into how University Alliances, benefits students worldwide. Insights of how SAP UA is preparing to take SAP to the next generation of students around globe. She shared her vision, combined with today's UA activities and how these will transform tomorrow's education in today's context. In India for instance, she explained how University Alliances have implemented the "Learn, Apply & Share" framework to attract students, train them, provide proper guidance, and shape them to reach their fullest potential.

"SAP Student Ambassadors" program was announced, wherein current students who got to experience SAP,  take back their experience to their university, share it, and will act as a platform for other aspiring students to interact with SAP. Thereby enabling a much closer engagement between SAP and the Student community  than was ever made possible.  The was also a signing ceremony wherein a 4 more universities joined the SAP University Alliances family in India.  The new universities shared their excitement, and the value they will  be able to provide their students out of this association. These universities are MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Chitkara University, Saveetha University and ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management.

There were  thought provoking sessions, such as a panel discussion on "How to create an environment of Innovation at the universities",  and Grad to leader - a session by VR Ferose, on the big transformation that students undergo to become successful professionals in their career. The sneak peek into SAP Techniversity, the biggest technological fest for students in India, the success of pervious edition, combined with the big plans for this year was also discussed by Sunder Madakshira. A Session on the many benefits, that SAP provides to its employees was also presented to Faculties, and was widely appreciated. The day ended with interaction between faculties and the college alumni, who work at SAP Labs.

Needless to say, SAP Faculty Day was very beneficial to all the parties involved. If success of a event can be measured by the eagerness that the invitees have towards the next edition of the same event, I am confident and privileged to call SAP Faculty Day an astounding success !