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SAP Enterprise Architect(ure)

SAP has rolled out training programs for Enterprise Architects. With Enterprise services offering and E-SOA roadmap in place, SAP has come up with SAP Architecture Framework, which guides enterprises in achieving their short and long term goals in a more structured and controlled manner. I had a chance to attend one of the training programs in this area SOA200, which gave an opportunity to meet wonderful set of “SAP Enterprise Architects” of tomorrow. Through this blog I am planning to share my views and some tips for those who are planning to take this course in near future.

Views: What you can learn
1. Enterprise Architecture
2. Role of Enterprise Architect
3. TOGAF Phases
  a. Phases
  b. Deliverables
5. High level overview of E-SOA implementation with EA
6. SAP’s solution map with SAP EAF
7. High level plan on SAP’s path towards Enterprise Architecture

Views: Course contents
1. Course content appears vast
2. Course material could be structured in a different manner just to make the participants feel better about what they are going to get in 5 days
3. Will you be an Enterprise Architect (Associate level) Yes and No
   a. Yes – It gives a overview of all the deliverables at different phases EA implementation
   b. No – Not enough class room exercises. Templates and Sample files provided along with the roadmap are not clear, as Templates and Sample files with Case studies in SAP EAF roadmap is a clear differentiator from other frameworks highlighted by SAP
  c. Overall you can be coach/consultant in guiding organization from outside and quickly evolve yourself in terms of what you want to deliver at different phases
4. How to implement E-SOA based solution using SAP EAF is not clear. One will learn both E-SOA road map and SAP EAF separately. Hopefully the advanced training address those more clearly with some solid case studies

 If you are planning to take this training and certification following the course, which is part of the training, and be successful certified SAP EA, there are some useful tips below
1. Learn TOGAF( EAF)
2. Learn SAP Netweaver suite, all the components and its usage
a. SAP BI, PI, Portal and Technology (Be a Jack of all)
b. SOA , ESOA and SAP’s Enterprise services offerings
3. Attend or get to know what’s in TESA10, SOA 100 and SOA 110
4. Also the following links can help you to be more comfortable in the class



There is a good chance that the topics and contents covered in this training, to undergo a change before next batch takes this training in the month of August 08 in US. Even a small change and can make a difference.