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Dear all,

SAP Customers Influence program gives you the opportunity of collaborating closely with SAP development teams in development projects. To emphazie important ideas we have collected the most importants to get your support and your subscription. As this program closes shortly we encourage you to review and subscribe as soon as possible.

Influence program from GRC can be found here:{811F71D3-900C-45FA-9AE7-A8545B9BF94C}&a=OD597...

Most important ideas

Mitigation Control Assignment vs Access Request

BRM - Deletion of Roles/Deactivation of roles process has to be improved

Set a maximum time span for delegation

Provision roles as they approved

Handling of Acesss Request Management while system are not available (e.g. inspection windows)

Role validity period is not considered for risk analysis in access request

Fire Fighter ID Review (Similar to User Access Review)

Intergrate ST03N transaction usage statistics into access risk analysis

Provide a tcode like SU10 to make mass changes to FF owners and controllers, Role Approvers, etc.

UAR - No Export Function

GRC - ARQ - Multi-User Requests Should Have Removals Per Users

AC 10.1 Roles Search / Mass update - Enhance search criteria by 'Between'

Mass Update Business Role Assignments

Thanks for your support in advance.

Best regards,

Alessandro & madhusap