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What is SAP Community events?

SAP Community Events are meetings hosted by active SAP community members and influencers. They are unofficial SAP events to share knowledge in one of the IT largest networking platforms. Join in community events in your location. Check and SAP Inside Track – Wiki Pages e stays on top of the agenda.

(#SITFOR 2021 Opening)


SAP Inside Track – Fortaleza – Ceará – Brasil

SIT Fortaleza was the second edition of the event, which adopted 3 different formats: In-person, live broadcasted event, and Online Lectures, that is an international track in English with live presentations on SITFOR Youtube.

(Live broadcasting structure)

On October 30th, the in-person event was held and featured 5 lectures on the latest versions of the S/4HANA system and its components. The event was had a highly integrated organization team. This made a difference in setting up the complex structure of the event, which had a reception in a large air-conditioned auditorium, nice gifts for all participants such as t-shirts, water bottles, masks, notebooks and other raffled gifts. We also had a large structure for the lectures stage, live broadcasting by a professional technical team hired for the event. This was an awesome for the event becasue the audience was extended to the whole country with an exceptional quality. Live broadcasting is very necessary in periods of travel restrictions during the pandemic. There were over 200 subscription for the in-person event and over 4 times that number in views during the live stream on the YouTube channel.

(Organizer team Manuel RobalinhoJonys Arcanjo de MatosAlexandre FaracoMauricio StudartAmanda Almeida,ITILTom Albuquerque CardosoVandick JúniorAllison Abreu).


Prevention against COVID 19

According the state health laws, all protocols for distancing and using masks in closed environments were complied with. It was a necessary extra job to ensure a good health conditions for all participants. Foods have also been individualized to reduce handling and contact by many people.

(Masks, seating distance and food individualization were measures that the event's organization took seriously to ensure adequate sanitation for everyone)


Interaction and networking

One of the best things of in-person SAP Inside Track is the interaction with all participants. SAP Community events are a great opportunity to meet the SAP ecosystem people in your region and also to meet longtime friends from this journey of our careers.

Moreover, it is an opportunity for customers, partners and professionals to introduce themselves to jointly contribute to the growth of SAP solutions and corporate business in the location.


Presentaions of in-person phase

▶️ S/4HANA Finance – Brief navigation on features

🎤 197f0f77709544a3bdebe98a55f527bb


▶️ New forms of payment / billing in SAP

🎤 Claudio Lustosa


▶️ Using Smart POS integrated with S/4HANA

🎤 luciano.casado


▶️ Understand how SAP Analytics Cloud helps companies prepare Budget Planning

🎤 Gabriel Souza

🎤 Cesar Batista


▶️ User Experience Design applied to the reality of the SAP Consultant

🎤 Cristiano Santos


▶️ Fiori Elements

🎤 christianojos.beltromagalhes


And we don't stop here!

The week continues with the sequence of the event with live presentations in English on youtube (Online Lectures wrap-up). Worldwide Speakers share their knowledge at SIT Fortaleza through the channel SITFOR – SAP Inside Track Fortaleza.



▶️ aATP - Alternative Based Confirmation
🎤 ruthvik.chowdary2

▶️ MRP Live on S/4 HANA
🎤 maniprasath_73

▶️ Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) in SAP S/4HANA 2020
🎤 damape

▶️ Consignment process in SAP
🎤 isanchez77

▶️ The main changes for planning data in S/4 HANA
🎤 mnauel.robalinho