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SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight had successfully completed 10 customer proof of concepts and these have been showcased throughout various conferences in 2010, especially during Vishal Sikka’s Tech Ed and Influencer Summit presentations, and the momentum continues in 2011.  Real-time visibility matters in transportation and logistics as long as real-time events can be displayed in a geospatial map. Using SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight, we had solved it for one of our customers and you will hear the story from them at the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Launch event in New York City.  We plan also to highlight some other scenarios in SAP Insider for Logistic and Supply Chain in Orlando, FL.  Other industries we have completed proof of concepts are High Tech, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, CPG and Utilities, although SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight is not limited to these industries as we also cover Healthcare and Banking too.

SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight Ramp Up has kicked off on December 2010 and will continue through June 2011.  Customers who sign up for the Ramp Up process and get nominated by the Ramp Up Committee will have access to the license and an appointed Ramp Up Coach to help with the deployment for a fee.   Partners are welcome to Ramp Up but could only join starting end of Feb 2011.   Please contact your SAP Account Executive to get more information about SAP Event Insight and sign up for Ramp Up!

For those who are interested in attending the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Launch in NYC on Feb 23, 2011, please register at

If you want to learn more about SAP BusinessObjecs Event Insight and the Operational BI methodology, please go to our FAQ and Demo link SAP Operational Business Intelligence (BI)

Watch Vishal Sikka speaks about SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight at the 2010 Influencer Summit (1/3 way through the video)