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There has been a lot of discussion about SAP’s On-Demand Strategy and the importance of Business ByDesign as one of the key enablers of the strategy.  But many SDN community members have asked me how Business ByDesign is reducing the implementation cost and time to deliver value for small and medium sized businesses. The ByDesign subscription model eliminates the need for upfront license expenditure while at the same time enabling SAP and partners to deliver a cost effective implementation and post go-live adaptability.


Media Metrica – trading as Renew has selected Business ByDesign as their first generation business platform.  Renew is an innovative start-up company that has recently won an exclusive contract to supply London’s financial centre, ‘The City’, with a revolutionary network of pavement based pods capable of providing digital information and recycling services.  Due to the ongoing threat of terrorism, there are currently no recycling receptacles on The City streets. The Renew pods will provide a resolution to this problem with bomb mitigating construction, allowing them to be used as recycling pods in addition to providing the platform for broadcasting digital content such as news headlines, financial bulletins and entertainment information, via built in HD screens.

Renew will be using Business ByDesign to manage sales activities, pipeline management, logistics, procurement and financial processes.  Renew opted to go-live in two phases based on their business priorities. In phase-1, Renew went live with CRM functionality and in phase-2 they will go-live with procurement, logistics and finance modules. Renew wanted a business solution which does not require a complex IT infrastructure and experienced customer implementation team. Renew preferred Business ByDesign because of the speed of the implementation, flexibility, scalability and the depth and breadth of the functional scope of the solution. The elasticity of business processes enables Renew to start with simple processes and enables them to grow along with their organization and business needs.

The innovative scoping capability enabled Renew to choose the functional scope of the system in simple business language and minimised the time and effort required to generate a lengthy functional requirement and blueprint documents. Business scoping ensured the consistency of the process scope across functions, automatically calculated the configuration content required for the selected scope and minimised the coordination effort required among different department functions.

The generated go-live activity list gave Renew and the project team the complete guidance required to maintain configuration settings and other project related tasks. Renew appointed business key users who did not have much of technical background or systems knowledge to complete the project tasks efficiently and with ease. The built-in best practice content, simple excel template based data migration approach, business scenario explorers and built in learning environment reduced the implementation life cycle times and enabled efficient delivery of the project as Renew expected.

SAP Business ByDesign go-live methodology provided faster execution, lower costs and risks, a quicker time to value and greater transparency throughout the delivery process. It simplified the go-live process with pre-delivered workshops, accelerators, acceptance checkpoints, streams and well defined project tasks. The methodology ensured the repeatability of the process and enabled Renew to achieve consistent and predictable project results.

Renew can continue to adopt the solution to meet the changing/growing needs of their business on an on-going basis. The process is consistent with initial implementation project and key business users can adopt the solution without much additional effort. With flexible and adaptable business processes, service offering and user-centric tools, Business ByDesign is dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership, payback period and thus creating new benchmarks in measuring the economics of software effectiveness and becoming a preferred choice of many customers like Renew.

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