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In October 2003, SAP and IDS Scheer made a joint press release announcing a  strategic partnership for building next generation Business Process  Management (BPM). This will cover the whole lifecycle of business  processes, including design/modeling, configuration, execution, monitoring  and analysis.


With the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other  solutions, such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship  Management (CRM), and others from many vendors, we have a suite of business  execution systems available to help customers. In the mean time, we have some  vendors like IDS Scheer to help customers analyze their business processes  using the Architecture of Integrated Information System (ARIS) modeling  tool set.  In most cases, the business analysts use business process model  tools, and IT people work on technical details of execution systems.  They  are disconnected.  For example, during R/3 implementation, a customer  usually models the business process first by drawing a lot of diagrams, then goes  to R/3’s Implementation Guide (IMG) to configure the system so that they can  reflect the workflow described in the diagrams. There is no way to translate  business process model into R/3 directly. One major reason is that modeling  software and execution software do not talk with each other. Another reason is  that business people and technical people do not speak the same language, one is  talking about process from a business perspective, while other one is talking  about technical details of the software. The consequence is that after the  system implementation, any future changes in business process will meet  resistance from IT side, since there might be a ripple effect to all the systems  in the landscape. This prevents business from being flexible in responding to fast  changing markets.


To improve the aforementioned disconnection situation, SAP and IDS Scheer  plan to join forces and fill this gap between business process modeling and  business process execution. As the first step for year 2004, we plan to releaseARIS for SAP NetWeaver to link/integrate ARIS Web Designer with SAP  products, such as Solution Manager and Exchange Infrastructure. The business  process model created in ARIS can be imported into SAP applications, and vice  versa. Next, we will co-develop a Unified BPM.  This product will  cover the whole lifecycle of business processes using consistent modeling and  execution tools stored in a shared repository. The details of  Unified BPM will be discussed in a separate BLOG.


To get further information on the SAP NetWeaver and IDS Scheer ARIS modeling tool  set, please refer to and

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