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Hello Friends,

After months I finally sit down to write a blog on SDN. Thanks to "Sandy" and thanks to Biller Direct project that I have been doing for my client here in NYC.

Now, my client wants to use Biller Direct and want to publish it on WWW so that all its customers can view, pay bills etc.

This makes perfect sense, as many leading utilities companies use this package to cater to similar requirement. Even we as customers use it all so often when we pay our utilities bills without even thinking that we are dealing with SAP.

So, I come up with a plan. Deploy the biller direct package, make a few settings on XCM Admin and we are all set to go.

Then my client required look and feel changes based on the branding policies.

Also, there are some additional config tweaks that my client needed to align the process.

Took me a few weeks and some coding and configuration effort and yuppy. We are done.

Now the big challenge.......!!!!

Our customers needed new logon screen.

Also, they wanted to show Portal FAQ docs and Policy documents that are published on Portal on the Biller Direct page.

So, how do we do that?

The answer is we integrate with Portal.

For this I created an alias. Created a Portal Desktop. Created an iView that launches the BD App.

Then I created a page that has both the BD App iview and KM iView

Then I mapped all of them together.

I add a new rule that opens up the Desktop for BD when accessed via the alias something like https://<host>:<port>/irj/portal/bd

And we are done.

For the new logon page, I decided to use the good old formula for Portal Logon PAR modification. And I add new JSPs and modify look and feel as per client's recommendations and write a small if-else block that opens up the modified JSPs when accessed via alias.

The Result is an outstanding, solid and elegant solution which the users love to use.

The users have access to BD App and at the same time they have access to policy documents and How-Tos and FAQs. They have access to all the information at their fingertips.

Combining the two areas was so much fun and so much challenging, but the results were really fulfilling.

Hope you have fun and stay safe in this weather.