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In the age of the empowered consumer, media companies that historically focused on content and distribution have to find ways to win the hearts and wallets of a global, connected and mobile consumer.  As you know, in the recent past SAP has made large investments in mobility, Big Data, and cloud technologies.  We’ve created exciting new solutions that help Media companies successfully adapt to the new reality.  Join SAP Media at SAPPHIRE Madrid (November 13 - 15, 2012) to find out more.  Here’s a sampling of must-attend sessions for Media industry.

As new devices and channels emerge at a rapid rate, monetization models must keep pace.  Media companies must be able to offer customers flexible pricing and packaging options in order to stay competitive.  Join the microforum discussion “Innovate Pricing and Billing Processes for Competitive Advantage”  at  11 AM on November 13th (Session IL1492) for a SAP-led discussion on boosting customer satisfaction with tailored promotion and bundled services through charging, billing, and payment processes. 

Also, during show hours on November 13th, you can stop by the demo theatre in the Industry LOB campus to learn how companies are generating new revenue streams with cloud services and business model transformation.

Social media plays a big role in consumer discovery of media content and services.  Data from social media activity can provide valuable insights on consumer preferences, perceptions and more.  Learn how you can extend sentiment intelligence culled from social media to major corporate functions such as sales, human resources, and research and development by attending the session on  “Marketing and Beyond with Sentiment Intelligence”  in the Analytics campus at 3:00 PM.

On November 15th, join us for a discussion on three hot topics in the media industry - Big Data, mobile solutions, and analytics (Session IL1395).  Find out how Big Data and analytics can help you consolidate and analyze consumer data from myriad touch points to help you make timely business decisions.  Learn how you can leverage mobility solutions to both increase operational efficiency and drive new revenue streams.

These are just some of the sessions that will interest Media customer at SAPPHIRE Madrid.  To explore the entire agenda and build your own customized version, please use the Agenda Builder