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What do you do when you have an international business, deal with a variety of currencies, and have a high-priority need to keep your financial flow to be seamless and bulletproof?

Roche, a Life sciences company offering a broad range of pharmaceuticals, innovative medical products, and diagnostics technology, had that exact need and turned to SAP to support their financial services to help manage their transactions that spanned across geographical borders (operating in 150 countries), included diverse currencies, and needed to comply with regulations.

Roche, guided by SAP Services and Consulting, worked to build a portfolio of solutions that would allow them to run better and move toward their goal of establishing a fully functional in-house bank. Through a variety of platforms that worked together to provide a full scope of services and streamline financial operations, Roche has experienced success in reaching their operational goals.

With an already strong software foundation and excellent collaboration between IT departments and business units, the aim was to develop an internal process for banking solutions knowing that it would cut costs, reduce complexity, and reap the benefits of synergy. This would remove the need for external banking services and provide Roche with better visibility into its financial activities around the world.

Because Roche was already using SAP solutions to support core business processes, using SAP for the in-house bank and using the same technology was a natural progression.

To build the new process, Roche implemented these solutions:

  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management
  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management
  • SAP In-House Cash applications

Alexandra Grenier, Head of Treasury Systems at Roche said, “SAP Treasury and Risk Management and SAP In-House Cash support the centralization of banking services and have helped us achieve our goals of establishing a fully functional in-house bank.”

To read more about how Roche successfully leveraged SAP Treasury Applications solutions to streamline financial operations, read the Roche customer success story.