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Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Why Red Hat JBoss for SAP - Youtube Video

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Middleware Product Page


Red Hat JBoss and SAP Technical Webinar (NEW)

Producing and Consuming OData in Teiid and Teiid Designer (NEW)

Implementation Reference - integration of Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, SAP... (NEW)

Datasheet: Connecting JBoss Enterprise Middleware to the SAP Landscape

Blog about SAP Netweaver Gateway integration with JBoss

Blog about the Services Registry integration

Blog post that talks about the JBoss and SAP Netweaver integration and demo

Document: JBoss SAP JCA Connector Architecture and Implementation

Get Started

  • Review the step-by-step guide to building the demo to get familiar

JBoss and SAP Netweaver Gateway Consumption in the Cloud - A step-by-step guide to building the demo

  • Download/Install the media tool sets
    • Take a test drive using Fedora for use with SAP software for testing puposes!

Download of VMware virtual machine of Fedora

Please read the readme.txt file first that contains important installation instructions and user credentials.


- What are the integration points?

  • Our integration points with SAP are threefold:

1. SAP Netweaver Gateway (OData)

SAP provides a REST-based server to expose underlying SAP data. We can consume these services in multiple ways. One way is via our Enterprise Data Services product. We take the service and expose the service results as a relational view. This view can be joined with other data sources to create a single federated view. Blog and Demo

Another way we can consume SAP Netweaver Gateway services is using free Eclipse plugins provided by SAP within JBoss Developer Studio. These plugin allow you to connect to a Gateway server, search for services, and generate java client stubs that can be included in applications built in JBDS.

2. SAP Services Registry

The services registry is a UDDI v3 server that publishes web services that can be consumed in JBDS as sources or as web service clients. Read More

3. JBoss SAP JCA Connector using JCo

This connector allows outbound communication to an SAP R/3 connector. Read More

- What is the Roadmap for NW Gateway and RedHat/Jboss Middleware?

  • We are constantly looking at new ways to integrate JBoss middleware with SAP NetWeaver Gateway. We support OData as an open REST standard and are participating on the OASIS OData Technical Committee to help shape v4 of the spec. With that in mind, we are adding OData support to existing platforms. Our next major product release of Enterprise Data Services provides OData support as a provider and a consumer. This will allow connections to one on more SAP NW gateway services via a single entry point that can consume and produce OData messages. We are also considering ways to include more tooling in JDBS for OData support.

- What future functionality and capabilities will the partnership between SAP and Red Hat offer?

  • From a middleware standpoint, our SAP JPA Connector via JCo implementation (while not yet productized) is relatively mature at this point. This is still an evolving feature, but is valuable in it's current state for outbound communication to an SAP R/3 system.

  • We are also working on creating a VM image of Fedora that will allow developers to install the SAP NW Gateway Trial Bundle. We are considering a version of RHEL for this as well. 

- How does Jboss Middleware control the messaging inbound to NW Gateway for synchronous communications?

  • In the example from the webinar, EDS is just like any other REST client.  The SAP NW Gateway procedure is invoked via a client ws-translator. Just as with any request sent to the EDS engine, they are handled using an internal thread pool.

- Can you clarify whether or not the inbound RFC calls to business suite are queued up at all or are the controlled by the JBoss Middleware?

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway only support synchronous calls to the provisioned Odata services. Furthermore, not all the Odata services provisioned on SAP NetWeaver Gateway are based on RFCs or BAPIs. However, if an Odata service provisioned on SAP NetWeaver Gateway is based on an RFC, it has to be an Synchronous RFC. BTW, While there are some constructs to support Transacational and Queuing behaviors in RFC, fundamentally the underlying RFC protocol is also synchronous. You can read more about different types of RFC here. Please note that SAP NetWeaver Gateway only supports "Synchronous RFC".

- Is this integration promoting or extending Asynchronous Communications with JBoss Middleware? Or does the Gateway ADD ON smart enough to queue the RFC¹s calls/process up as to not overload ECC?

  • SAP NetWeaver Gateway only supports synchronous communication with the SAP business system. Any additional asynchronous logic needs to be implemented outside SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

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