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Recently DJ Adam raised an important question in his blog post. Question:

"What can we do to burst the bubble, to help our ecosphere and encourage SAP to continue its journey outwards?"

Even though OpenUI5 is a great initiative, but in order to make OpenUI5 successful; SAP will need to reach a critical mass of front-end developers and open-source enthusiasts. These are the folks who are already using jQuery, Sencha and open-source tools. Stats from Google Trends can be used to effectively pin-point their location. Marketing efforts can be focused towards these important locations/places to generate better results in a short time.

Following are the top ten locations for jQuery, Sencha and open-source folks:

  1. Bangalore
  2. Chennai
  3. Seoul
  4. Hyderabad
  5. Pune
  6. Singapore
  7. Prague
  8. Shanghai
  9. Munich
  10. Beijing

Other important locations are:

Gyeonggi-do, New Okhla Industrial Development Area, Chinchwad, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv District, Canton of Bern, Vaud, Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg, Lahore, Guangdong, San Francisco, Ernakulam, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Havana, Kathmandu, Antananarivo, Seongnam-si, Dhaka, Colombo, Homagama, Phnom Penh, Zurich, Amsterdam, Milan.

You can find more detailed Google Trends at here: Google Trends