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Hello forum,

Just finish a easy guide to help our collages to create their own stack XML from a solution manager with minor effor, to allow system administrators get the xml stack without to follow all managed system setup on solution manager administrator workcenter.

1.- Got to Managed System XXX and send technical data to your Solution Manager SLD, trough RZ70 or Visual Administrator for non-ABAP systems.

2.- Onces is recorded on SLD, download to LMDB using or checking job "SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001"

3.- Use transaction LMDB to acces technical system setup, check all configuration until you get a green result status on System Verification Tools, inside Product System.

4.- Go to transaction AISUSER and make a new entry for user "SOLMAN_XML"  your sap customer number and the number part of the user that need to download stack from solution manager.

5.- Open link:  to access maintenance optimizer directly

6.- When you access to initial screen of mopz, don't select any solution and open the match code for product version, and search the product versión of the system that you need to create the stack.

After that you will be able to download xml file from solution manager without process all steps on "managed system setup"

hope that can help someone :wink: