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Do you have children between grades 7 - 12?  Are you (or they) interested in a fantastic opportunity to attend classes at one of the world's best institutes for higher learning on November 17 and 18?  I am talking about the Massachusetts Institute of Technology here, folks!

MIT offers a program called 'Splash!' - which is essentially two days of a wide variety of classes, some taught by actual MIT students, and some taught by others with MIT affiliations.  I won't go way out on a limb and say MIT Professors, but it could be true.  Your kid can take a class on 'It Doesn't just taste good' - where students learn to make complex sculptures out of chocolate

Nom, nom, nom.

Or perhaps a class on Engineering: Building Big Programs (Abstract: If you’ve ever worked on a program for longer than a week, you know it can start to run away from you, and become a tangled morass of code.  We’ll talk about how big software engineering companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook avoid these problems and manage hundreds of thousands of lines of code without their programs degenerating into spaghetti.)

Anyhow, I can speak from personal experience that Splash is a wonderful program.  My older son spent several weekends attending Splash, and for only... wait for it... $20.00 USD!  Sadly, the price has increased to $40 USD.  But that's it!  Two whole days from a wide range of topics.  The only catch is that you need to get your kid to MIT, and you need to take them back :smile: . 

If there is any possibility that you can accomplish that (particularly the retrieval part) I highly recommend that you investigate Splash further.

It may even look good on a college application.

PS: No, I don't get paid to blog about this stuff.  I was actually encouraged byannie.chan4 in her #blogitforward to share some of MIT's outreach, and since this one does require a little bit of forethought I thought I would launch this blog first. 

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