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This is my first blog in sdn.  Even though I have been on and off sdn for sorting out the issues I faced, never

been a member of it till recently (quite bewildered by the vastness I must add!.....not sure I have seen

even one-fourth of it!!!) I have been contemplating the idea of giving back to the community but couldn’t

corner where/how to begin it. These led me to take a personal reflection.. more like having a pause in

action and I stumbled upon the topic of my very first blog…  Its true ‘the answer lies within you’.

‘To be SAP certified or not’ has been one of those points to ponder ever since I started out my career in

SAP BI.  It took a couple of years to finally say ‘yes I do’ to C_TBW45_70.  Suddenly, I found myself with

a stack of SAP materials and I decided to take a glance around.  The second I started, I felt at home.

The more I read the more hooked I got.  I got to understand many facts in-depth and was
amazed at the ocean of knowledge that beckoned me.  I made it a point to note down the important
ones.  It took me 3 months to finish reading all those (with an hour to spare for it mostly every day). 

I remember reading the blog by Ravi Sankar Venna on certification and was truly amazed by his efforts. 

By the time my preparations were done, I felt at ease. 

The D-day! May 24, 2012. I was a little nervous… 80 questions in 180 minutes. But the exam was not

that tough I expected it to be but some answer choices confused me! I could complete it within 75 minutes.

Again went through all the questions and finally clicked the ‘Submit’ button.  Fingers crossed!

‘Congratulations…….’which was followed by a report giving % correct score for different sections in the

exam.  I savored the moment.  It was a reflection of the choice I made, the time and effort I put in to achieve it.
After a few weeks I laid my hands on my first SAP certificate.

My life after certification is/was amazing. Suddenly, I found/find total strangers congratulating me and looking

at me in awe.  Personally, it’s a huge boost to my self-confidence…yes I can achieve what I aim for and now I am raring

to take my next plunge and professionally it helped me to have a niche for myself in my team and in my company.

I would sum up with these words…In everything I hope to achieve fulfillment.

This life is short,

and no matter how unfair sometimes,

I never give up.

To all those wannabes….Getting yourself certified is not the end of world, but the
beginning of a truly amazing journey!

Keep up the spirits,


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