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Optessa has completed a first port of its planning application Optessa MLP to the HANA platform. This is a pioneering effort in bringing together the power of HANA and Optessa optimization algorithms to address large and complex planning and scheduling problems faced by global enterprises.

The particular use case refers to a large scale planning and scheduling process at a major auto company. Sales orders, numbering in the millions, relating to multiple plants and vehicle lines have to be assigned to build weeks. In addition to a large set of material, plant and labor constraints, the planner has to consider rules relating to dealer and regional allocations. These constraints and rules number in the tens of thousands. Initial tests have shown that Optessa MLP on HANA achieves significant reduction in lead time to generate the solution. Benefits include better quality plans and the ability to conduct multiple iterations in the same time frame. This leads to improved flexibility and lower costs.

Such planning with big data sets is a typical problem and the HANA + Optessa solution will find wide applicability across manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries that face the challenge of optimally matching demand with capacity and doing it quickly and on-demand.

Would you like to know more? Benchmark results of the Optessa MLP+ HANA solution will be unveiled at SAPPHIRE NOW, and you can find out who the client is!

For more information on Optessa products, please visit or email Please look for Optessa at SAPPHIRE NOW.