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Watch the Online Lectures of SAP Inside Track Fortaleza 2021

The Online Lectures was a serie of sessions in english part of SAP Inside Track Fortaleza. There were 5 sessions live streamed on youtube that took place in the frist week after the in-person format held on the last Ocotber 30th. The whole event had 3 formats of knowledge distribution:

  • In-person,

  • Live broadcasted event (All in-person sessions have been broadcasted live and recorded for review. It was a perfect option for those who had no opportunity to attend the event in Fortaleza City. Check the best moments here in this the blog Link),

  • Online Lectures (Took place in the frist week after the in-person event).

If you missed the opportunity to watch and interact live the ONLINE TRACK you can check all the week sessions replays available in the respectives sessions links.


Online Lectures:


▶️ aATP – Alternative Based Confirmation
🎤 ruthvik.chowdary2


▶️ MRP Live on S/4 HANA
🎤 maniprasath_73


▶️ Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR) in SAP S/4HANA 2020

📓 Presentation Deck

🎤 damape


▶️ Consignment process in SAP

📓 Presentation Deck

🎤 isanchez77


▶️ The main changes for planning data in S/4 HANA

📓 Presentaion Deck

🎤 mnauel.robalinho


thanks Manuel Robalinho  for making it happen and we hope to see everyone in next edition!