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At TechEd, Dennis Howlett and Mark Finnern gifted the SAP Mentors a print from artist Hugh MacLeod @gapingvoid that says "Quality isn't Job One.  Being totally frickin' amazing is Job One."  This was in recognition of the amazing help SAP Mentors give to SAP customers to help them drive the most value in their SAP investments.  And, it was also a reminder and urging to the SAP Mentors to continue this good work.


The history of this poster is best documented here in SAP Mentors, Certification Five geek out with Bill McDermott where he describes how the poster came to represent the goals of the Certification 5, and how they presented a framed copy of the print to SAP's Co-CEO Bill McDermott.

Dennis and Mark actually gave their fellow SAP Mentors 2 prints.  We were charged with finding another person who does amazing work and gifting the extra print to them in recognition.

I decided to give my print to my SAP Colleague Shawn Ahmed who is SAP's GFO lead for enterprise information management (EIM) and platform.  In other words, he's the guy who runs the SAP's global line of business for information quality and access. 

I chose Shawn because of his amazing ability to explain simply and a business focused way the importance of high quality data, and how this helps companies operate effectively.  Shawn is frequently called upon to be a keynote speaker at conferences, and to meet with CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and line of business managers to talk about how data and information relate to the operations of their business.  At the same time, Shawn is often talking with data architects about how their companies are managing data, and how they can create improve the maturity of their companies approach to information management in terms of processes and systems.  And, Shawn is not above doing some coding on his own to show customers what is possible in terms of creating a trusted architecture for their information and data.

Here is a video of when I presented Shawn with his print for being totally freakin' amazing.



And if you want to see one example of why I think Shawn is amazing, watch him in action here:


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