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SAP requests to open connection for the system which requires SAP Support. When you click on R/3 Support or HTTP Connect URLAccess it gives below error



And the R/3 Support or HTTP Connect URLAccess are greyed out.


Solution : The reason for this is the SAP Router details are not maintained in the System Data of the system (SID) in question in the Service Market Place. Follow below steps to maintain the same.


Login to SMP using the relevant SID and password and Navigate to System Data of the said SID. Alternatively you can click on Systemdata button in the above screen which will directly take you to the corresponding SID's details tab as below

Maintain the correct SAPRouter details here by clicking on the Main row in above screen.

Maintain Hostname of SAPRouter Server, corresponding IP Address and the service port

Click on Save to proceed

Now the SAP Router details appear under System Data --> Servers & SAP Routers tab as below which previously was blank


Logoff and login to SMP again to reflect the changes.

Now you should be able to open the SAP Support connections for the relevant systems.