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Sometimes it is possible, you cannot download reports from sap to your local file due to some registry changes and you will get following screen.

This issue persists there were some registry changes are done un-knowingly by a program or its due to some windows restriction policy.

You can overcome this by changing security properties in SAP GUI.  To do this navigate to SAPGUI Options > Security > Under Security Settings “Disable” security mode.

This will again enable the registry to download reports to your local drive.

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Actually this approach is not recommended by SAP at all.  Instead you need to create a custom saprules.xml file as part of your default SAP GUI installation to handle this issue. You can then allow for particular directories for upload and download without opening up the entire GUI for security risks.

Please review SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 Security Guide for more details on the proper way to allow this instead of your option which is putting individual machines at risk and not best practice.

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