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This is my very first post, so do not take it too serious.

I'd like to share my SDN experience about trying to answer forum questions.  Some people are saying that the points and levels system on SDN is useless. I disagree with this statement in general, because gamification is a very interesting and useful concept to engage people within professional environment. Every man is a kid deep inside as some people are saying, and the game is a natural and stimulating activity.  It stimulates competitiveness.

On the other hand, one should not take points and levels very serious, because not always they reflect the knowledge and expertise of particular individual answering functional questions. What can be more interesting is rather the ratio between points and number of answers/posts to measure the effectiveness and the quality of answers.

Some people are just shooting around the topic and that can also get into the target. Some other people prefer not to share their knowledge and keep know-hows just for themself. And some people are simply too busy at work to play any games.

It may look like answering a question correctly will give you 10 points. In reality you probably need to answer 5 to 10 questions correctly to get same 10 points.  The reason to that is because many people do not assign any points, and as a grown up kid you would not ask them to do so.  Other people may not like your correct answer, and rather prefer the incorrect one. That is because it is natural to read only what you want to read, and the right answer can be very frustrating. Finally, some other people will not understand your answer and you can also have a hard time trying to understand the question, and maybe for the same reason.

To conclude on my very first blog post, I'd like to praise SDN as a great learning and networking environment, that also gives an opportunity to create your professional profile and build a truly global reputation.

Thank you.