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Thanks for showing interest in my Blog.

Since this is my first, I am not sure what to write. So started off with a note on How I work

I would say I live by a code and that revolves around few mentioned below:
- I am not a big man. I am just a simple guy with focus to earn than to receive anything in life.
- Honesty is the best policy.
- Never copy others ideas as you will always miss to be in the First place
- Work Smart rather than Work Hard
- Though I have good experience, yet there is a long way for me to call myself an EXPERT. I would be happy to call myself EXPERT just few seconds before I retire.
- Love your work but give more priority to life. We work to live and not other way round.
- Strive always to strike a perfect work-life balance. In this process you contribute to elevate the culture in Indian IT Industry to respect that attitude as well.

Will add more later as I learn new things in life. :smile:


God Bless SAP.