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Saturday, November 24th, 2018 - this day will be written in history of SAP Inside Track as the day when the first Inside Track in Austria took place. And it was not anywhere else than in the capital of Austria - Vienna.

In this blog post I would like to briefly share my experience during that day.

#sitVIE started right on scheduled time at 9:00. We were very well welcomed by sponsors and organizers. Thanks a lot to johann.fleitner2, philipp.liegl

Around 70 attendees gather up in LOFFICE Coworking space and the show started!

The speaker of the day and one of the organizers- Oliver Wahrstöttter gave us detailed information about the agenda. Mrs. svea.becker#overview continued with the idea of SAP Inside Track and motivated everybody why it is important to learn, teach and share knowledge within the community.

Also a big "Thank you" goes to gregorw who streamed the whole event on Youtube and supported the technical part of the event. All the presentations were recorded and are now available online. If you are interested here is the whole playlist:

Short words to the topics:

Custom Code Migration to S/4 HANAingo.braeuninger

How to stop worry about S/4 HANA migration? Easy! SAP provides a lot of tools and services to make the migration possible.

Do you know SAP HANA Advanced Analytics?vitaliy.rudnytskiy

On the great example - looking for restaurants and best ski paths in ski resorts in Italy - we learned what Advanced Analytics can do.

Full-Text Search InternalsPhilipp Krenn, Werner Kroiss

We learned what elastic search is and how it can connected to SAP databases. And also we learned that 'these are not the droids you are looking for'.

No Comment?l.vanrijn#overview

Laurens shared with us his experiences and best practices about writing ABAP Code, Comments..
And of course how to write Clean Code.

Back to the Future by adopting OO in ABAP Objectsdamir.majer#overview

This streamed speech from Damir enlightened us in Object Oriented Programming and its principles and experiences how it all started.

ABAP CI Plugin - Speeding up your (TDD) development processandreas.gautsch#overview

Andreas presented his open sourced Eclipse ABAP Development Tools plugin for test driven development.

SAP Cloud Application Programming Modelgregorw

We learned how to develop modern apps on SAP Cloud and what are all the modern and available possibilities of building UI5 Apps.

Building the RIGHT IT before you build IT RIGHTtudor.riscutia#overview

And last but not least. How would you make sure that you are building the RIGHT application, product for your customer? Tudor shared his ideas and experiences how to 'think before doing'.

But not only the presentations... on the agenda there was also great Panel Discussion, LEGO game and ABAP in the Cloud System available for everybody to try this new technology.

It was a long day but it was definitely worth it!

If you have never attended any SAP Inside Track, you should do so! Here is the list of upcoming Tracks in 2019!

Thanks again to all sponsors - mainly Cadaxo and Ecosio - for making it happen and hopefully see you all next year!