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SAP is strongly promoting HANA for both the Business Suite and for BW. But some challenges for a real life implementation still exist. At least for existing large scale BW solutions of size 20TB or more.

Currently SAP is thus (yet) not providing a project method that can handle migrations of large production BW's, where the project requirements include

  • the project method is battle-proven
  • the project method is designed to handle 20+TB SAP BW
  • the project method is not only delivered by SAP Waldorf on a very customer specific basis
  • minimum downtime (i.e. days, not weeks)
  • usage of SAP Near-Line Storage (NLS) for a multi-layered storage architecture (including migration of existing NLS-data)

Instead - until now - a small number of customers with very large BW's have had to make very customer specific migration projects in close cooperation with SAP Waldorf. It would be very nice to establish a forum for people, who have participated in these projects or are starting one.

So please let me hear from you, if you are one of these "chosen few". :smile:

Best regards

Tommy Baunwall