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  • Less Cost:

Success Factors is based on SAAS model which allows the customer to pay as per their usage of the business applications.

It (Success Factors) follows the multi-tenancy approach where-in each customer is treated as tenant. Any new releases/patches for any additional functionality is released by Success Factors on regular basis and this is available to all of the customers on that instance. This is cost effective to the users.

Technology platform is hosted and operated by the Success Factors  via Web Access . It can be used by multiple tenants (customers).

  • Collaboration and Social Interaction:

The JAM feature allows easy collaboration internally. Also it has seamless integration with Social networking sites.

  • Integration with Mobile:

It has seamless integration with all the mobile/PDA devises. This gives easy access to the business applications of it.

  • Extra flexibility:

The licensing cost of Success Factors is very reasonable compared to the on-premise SAP systems. So any customer who wants to come out of Success Factors can easily do it. This attracts customer to easily go for the new implementation.

  • User Interface:

The web portal of Success Factors applications is very user friendly.