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Part II described the code how to create the nested XML from flat XML. In this section, I will explain how to deploy it in XI
and how to use the deployed code in XI. Since part II explained with full of theory, I will try to explain in figures in
this blog.

The java program that I have explained you in part II will create the exact structure of IDOC. Now we have to create a jar file for the java program created.
Before creating the “jar” file just make sure that the "path" of the class file in the imported archive. It should be the
same as your "package" path.

Once the class file is created, we have to create the jar file with all the necessary files. After creating the jar file, it
has to be deployed to XI. The following section will tell you how to do that.

Once everything is done, just go to the test tab and check that everything is working fine or not. That’s it!!!!! You have
done the java Mapping.