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The Process :-

To enhance this functionality I was thinking of loading the Portal logon page with different images dynamically each time the Portal logon page is loaded from an array of images. This functionality as many knows is very similar to YahooMail    where in if you the load the page you will see different images each time.

The Steps :-

<!-- Begin

// Set up the image files to be used.

var Images = new Array()

// To add more image files, continue with the

// pattern below, adding to the array.

Images[0] = 'img1.jpg'

Images[1] = 'img2.jpg'

Images[2] = 'img3.jpg'

Images[3] = 'img4.jpg'

Images[4] = 'img5.jpg'

var imglen = Images.length;

var whichImage = Math.round(Math.random()*(imglen-1));

document.write('!!/layout/'Images[whichImage]'" border="0" >' );

//  End -->

The Result :-

Thus, we have made the Portal Logon page to look more colorful than before, as we load the logon page with different images of our choice dynamically.

P.S :- I am under the assumption that the reader of this blog is aware about other changes which has to be done in Config tool Property Sheets and authschmes.xml file as the part of Portal Logon Page customization. If you are not aware please visit SAP Help or SDN for the same.

I hope you will find this blog interesting and useful to customize your Portal Logon page in due course.

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