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Following UI5 Tiles: Model, Data Binding, and Live Change Search, I received an interesting question regarding the SAPUI5 Tile Container's use in Fiori scenarios: When isn't a Tile Container's usage Fiori-like or valid for Fiori Certification?

In the case of Fiori Certification, the answer seems straight-forward: A Tile Container's usage is certifiably Fiori when certified by SAP ICC.

For Tile Container usage which may not be in the spirit of Fiori, I approached the subject from the perspective of having adapted a single mobile app into multiple Fiori-like apps.

I previously used a Tile Container for navigation in a SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 app, a Cordova application with SAPUI5, SAP Kapsel, and Gateway web services. Tile selection navigates to warehouse picking or put away activities.

Following SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Certification (Q&A with SAP ICC), I extracted the mobile app's picking and put away functionality for Fiori-like SAPUI5 apps which are independent components, designed with the Master / Detail design pattern, and deployed on an ABAP Front-End Server.

In the user-centric spirit of Fiori, the individual apps are assigned via roles and grouped per user preference. Following the Fiori guidelines and using the Fiori framework, we can precisely manage which users can pick materials, which users and put away materials, and which users can do both.

Adapting discrete mobile functions into individual apps led to my current noncommittal explanation of when a Tile Container's usage isn't in the spirit of Fiori: A Tile Container isn't Fiori-like when used as a 'Launchpad within a Launchpad' for independent apps.