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Refer link: Installation Steps of Graylog-Part1

Place the hash password.


Do the following changes in the file like server.conf










Start the graylog server using the following command.


You can check out the server startup logs, it will be useful for you to troubleshoot graylog in case of any issue.



Install Graylog Web Interface:

To configure graylog-web-interface, you must have at least one graylog-server node. Install web interface using below command.


Edit the configuration file and set the following parameters.


This is the list of graylog-server nodes, you can add multiple nodes, separate by commas.


Set the application secret, you can generate it using pwgen -N 1 -s 96.


Restart the gralog-web-interface using following command,


Access Graylog Web Interface:

The web interface will listen on port 9000, configure the firewall to allow traffic on port 9000.



Point your browser to http://ip-add-ress:9000. Log in with username “admin” and the password you configured at root_password_sha2 on server.conf.

Point browser for local to

Point browser for global/remote to http://your_remote_ip:9000

We can launch the Graylog welcome page.

1.Launch the Graylog using local URL,

so, we will be launched on Graylog page as below view,


2.Launch the Graylog using local URL,


so, we will be launched on Graylog page as below view,

Sign In the Graylog by using login credentials,

Username : admin

Password :initial123(where we already created for hash code)

If you login success , then we can see the Graylog console page with “Nothing Found” message.

If you login failed then you can find view like below,