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Hybrid Cloud – The Best of Both Worlds

“Hybrid clouds are on the rise!” This is the conclusion of a recent IDC survey conducted with more than 200 companies throughout Germany. According to this survey, more than half of IT decision-makers plan to integrate their traditional data center – a private cloud – with hosted clouds (39%) and public clouds (32%) in the next few months. The main reasons they cited were reduced costs, quicker business processes, and shorter response times to new management requirements.

Our experience shows that there is also increased awareness of the topic among the SAP community. More and more customers are considering setting up a hybrid cloud to enjoy the benefits of a cloud solution without having to completely modify their existing SAP environment. The SAP hybrid cloud offers companies the chance to reserve their developments for their own requirements and for internal security standards. At the same time, however, they can adapt their SAP systems flexibly to the rapid changes in markets without having to invest in their own IT resources and the usual maintenance and support expenses. The SAP hybrid cloud guarantees dynamism, transparency, security, and efficiency. 

Four SAP Partners Join Forces

As the IDC study also shows, companies fear one thing in particular when setting up hybrid scenarios: complexity. Since this model operates freely between the worlds of on-premise and on-demand, they need new partners who can guarantee an optimal infrastructure, services, and security when setting up and operating the SAP hybrid cloud. For this reason, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Trend Micro, SUSE Linux, and REALTECH have joined forces to offer SAP customers a stable, proven, and balanced product. This offer combines cloud services from REALTECH (which are implemented using SAP Solution Manager), IaaS cloud services from AWS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (which is available both on-premise and on-demand), and leading security solutions from Trend Micro. 

E-3 Special As a Source of Information

An E-3 special that appeared in July/August 2014 provides a comprehensive overview of the SAP hybrid cloud offering of these four SAP partners. Over more than 20 pages, you can find out what products and services the providers can offer to help you switch to the SAP hybrid cloud. This E-3 special is a valuable source of information for any SAP customers who are interested in combining private and public cloud services.

So on that note, happy reading!

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