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As we have seen that if we need to send IDOC from SAP ECC to MII IDOC Listener, we need to create an IDOC Listener in MII 12.1.  Within the Application Resource we need to find a resource and need to do all required configuration within the property. After doing that we need to Save the settings and the status of Resource Adapter will be Green. But as I have seen that if your password is expired or user is locked or any kind of changes are required in property of Resource Adapter, you need to do the changes and need to save the updated record again but the resource adapter will show you Red status means Not Available. Now here is the tips how you will start it again and the status of Resource Adapter will be Green.

Creation of an IDOC Listener in SAP MII 12.1

Logon to the SAP NetWeaver system where MII is installed. Generally it will be using the same server name and port number as MII (http://<servername>:<port number>/nwa).0.1.

Navigate to Configuration Management -> Infrastructure -> Application Resources· Within the Show drop down box select All Resources (default)0.1.

In the blank line under Resource Name, enter your IDoc Listener name, suppose the here it is XMIIIDOC01.0.1. Do filter and to get the result set.


Select the Resource Name, XMIIIDOC01 which has Resource Type of Resource Adapter.0.1. Resource Details, select Properties tab.

0.2. Enter  the following details

+          ProgramID, ++Client, ++UserName, +Password,  Language, S+erverName, +

+        +    PortNumber


Now Save the setting.!|height=194|alt=image|width=628|src=htt...!" Suppose you entered a wrong password or wrong User Name or any kind of mistake you have done and you saved it. Now second time you have entered the correct value for the particular field or fields and saved it. But the status of Resource adapter will show Red like below


Start the Resource Adapter


From the Home Navigate to Operation Management -> Systems -> Start & Stop!|height=130|alt=image|width=628|src=htt...


Now go to JAVA EE Applications tab page and do filter with the Resource Name XMIIIDOC01. It will show you the status “Failed to start”.+ +


Now select the application sapjra~xMIIIDOC01 and click on Start -> On All Instances.

0.1. You will get the message like below 

0.1. Press+ Refresh button+ multiple time and finally you will get the Status Green means Started.