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SAP has introduced an option to standardize the EPM formatting sheet across the environment in EPM add-in for SAP BPC 10.

Business Case

As part of implementation, to give a similar look and feel to all reports and schedules, we would like to apply the same formatting sheet to all reports and schedules across the environment.


We can use two predefined templates provided that are stored in the server at the following locations.

  • admin\webexcel\teamtemplatelibrary\reports\report_formatting_template.xslx
  • admin\webexcel\teamtemplatelibrary\input schedules\input_formatting_template.xslx

Optional Step

The two templates must have identical names (extension included) on the server and in the FPMXLClient.dll.config file located on the client computer. The two keys whose values you can modify in the FPMXLClient.dll.config file are the following

  • <add key="ReportFormattingTemplateFileName " value="Report_Formatting_Template.xlsx"/>
  • <add key="InputFormattingTemplateFileName " value="Input_Formatting_Template.xlsx"/>

Additional Note

This functionality works only provided no formatting sheet has been yet defined in the workbook, when clicking View Formats in the EPM tab of the Ribbon, the following formatting sheets are automatically generated in the workbook: the blank formatting worksheet (standard for any connection) and the two formatting sheets generated from the server.


Step 1: Create your own formatting sheet as base template.

Step 2: Save this template file in one of the following location

  • admin\webexcel\teamtemplatelibrary\reports\report_formatting_template.xslx
  • admin\webexcel\teamtemplatelibrary\input schedules\input_formatting_template.xslx

    Note: If you don’t have ADMIN team, please create the same.

Step 3: Open a new excel file.

Step 4: Click on the “View Format” option

Step 5: This will add our custom formatting tab along with the standard formatting tab.

Additional Note

Please refer to the latest EPM Add-in documentation for further help.