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Navigation is a very common practice in Webdynpro ABAP. We can achieve view level navigation simply by using inbound and outbound plugs. But lets say in Portal you want to call another component or application and from there you can click on some back button and you want to go back to previous screen.

But here 2 case can be possible:

1)      You can go back using the <<BACK button to immediate previous screen

2)      You can go to some Home Screen from which ever screen you want. E.g. you have navigated from component 1 to component 5 and from there you want to go back to component 1 at one go instead of going back to component 4.

This can also be achieved very easily. Let’s discuss the flow and code we need to implement for this.

First you have to create an event in component controller of the calling component.

Then we need to call this event from the action button.

Now this way we can create specific events for specific action from other screens. Let’s say if you want to go back to this screen from any screen (may be immediate next or further navigated screens) simply call this event considering the component usage. You will navigate back to this screen. Simply use code generator tool and write the code below to your on action method.

wd_comp_controller->fire_move_to_overvw_evt(  ).

Now let’s say in the called component from a same back option you have to navigate in 2 different screens based on calling component. In that case you have to send some signal or flag from calling component to identify and then raise the event accordingly.

Hope this small tutorial will clear this functionality.