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You want to attend HR 2013 conference in Amsterdam and don’t know how to convince your boss to let you go. If this is what you feel, let me give you some reasons that you can conduct to your boss to convince her/him to finance you for HR 2013.

Reason #1 : Learning SuccessFactors Capabilities and How to Integrate it into your SAP HCM System

SuccessFactors is the hottest topic of SAP HCM for the last one and a half years. Companies with forward-looking HR vision are very much interested in implementing SuccessFactors to utilize their HR processes. So, if you believe your boss has this vision, emphasize the sessions of the conference about SuccessFactors. In HR 2013, you will find lots of material on SuccessFactors; from details of the product to ways to integrate it to your existing HCM system.


Reason #2 : Learning What’s New in HCM Enhancement Package 5 for Self-Service Modules

If your company is passionate about SAP and wants to make most out of it, probably you do not miss newly released enhancements. If you have not yet installed EHP 5 and planning the installation, or if you have already installed EHP 5 and want to get more information about the package; HR 2013 is surely the most valuable data source for you –and consequently for your boss, let her/him know ;)-.

Reason #3 : Learning How to Utilize Mobile Technologies for Taking Most out of SAP HCM


Yes, mobile is hot for the last several years. But technology is evolving at a great pace and companies all over the world are taking most out of it. In HR 2013, you will learn the latest developments in Mobile HCM along with what other companies in similar industries are doing with it. Mobile HCM will add value to your company; don’t forget to tell your boss.

Reason #4 : Getting New Ideas on Traditional HCM Subjects


Ok, SuccessFactors is hot, so is mobile; but how about “always hot” topics in HCM? Yes, I am talking about Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Payroll, Time Management, Authorizations and similar core HCM subjects. Many companies use them as they are, without making use of all the capabilities. If you suspect that your company resides in this group; Good News! Getting new ideas on traditional HR subjects is another very persuasive reason for you to use to convince your boss for HR 2013 attendance.


Reason #5 : HR Analytics


You are collecting data in your SAP HCM system but do you report them effectively? Question this. Bosses like “Analytics”. If you believe there is some work to do about HR Analytics in your company –btw, there is always something more to do- let your boss know that this conference will add considerable value to your HR Analytics system. 

Reason #6 : Getting Answers to your Questions from the Top Experts Free of Charge

Many of the senior SAP HCM consultants will be there in Amsterdam willing to answer your questions. Using consultancy is an expensive business; everybody knows this. If you want to invite these leading experts to your premises, you would probably consider spending some thousand of euros. But in HR 2013, all of these experts will be accessible, free of charge. During Ask-The-Experts hours, you are welcomed to ask your SAP HCM related questions to these top-class experts. Bosses also like “free” and valuable things; use it!


Reason #7 : Networking with SAP HCM Professionals from all over the World


In HR2013, you will have many moments to network with professionals similar to you from different countries; from Exhibition Hall Receptions to Luncheon Roundtables. You can consider this network as a valuable source for later use to ask questions and get new ideas. Don’t forget, bosses like social employees!


Reason #8 : Visiting Amsterdam

I have been to Amsterdam in December 2008 and could not forget the city later on. Amsterdam is full of lovely canals and delicious waffles and pancakes. Well, maybe it would not be a good idea to use Amsterdam’s beauty to convince your boss; just use this to enhance your willingness to attend.

In my very humble opinion, I have given you eight –well, actually seven- reasons to convince your boss to finance you for HR 2013 conference in Amsterdam. I hope my tips will be beneficial. I am looking forward to meeting and chatting with you in Amsterdam.

P.S. For more information and registration please visit conference website :