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I decided some time ago I wanted to try to get to SAP TechEd in India.  After 2 successful forays to Berlin for TechEd EMEA in the past 3 years, I felt I could stretch further and get to India. Those in the SAP Community who know me are aware that I detest Las Vegas: the gambling, the drinking, and the overall unsustainable excess. And with the China event being held in Mandarin, the choices I had, as an SAP Mentor, were Spain or India. Given the high tech revolution in India, the number of SAP Community members I've met online that reside there, I decided that was my goal for the Fall of 2011.

This will be a solo trip, the longest journey by myself (so far), and I'm frankly a bit apprehensive.  I contacted a travel agent through my office; while they take a lot of the worry out of making travel arrangements, the price one pays can be daunting.  I've gone back and forth in the negotiations a couple times, asking for details on the costs ("Sorry, confidential") and mentioning comparable tours easily found on the internet ("Never heard of them"). To leverage my global connections, I'm posting this on SCN for feedback and advice.

Couch Surfing?

Marilyn Pratt and Mark Finnern of SAP have given me invaluable advice and guidance over the past several years, each challenging me to contribute in new ways, but also to experience more of the world than I might otherwise have dared.  I've talked to both of them about this trip, and about the term "couch surfing" being a low cost way to find lodging throughout the world.  I'm torn between the thrill of being a do-it-yourself traveler and logistician, and turning the mental keys over to professional guides to enjoy the moment.

Abesh has been a great help, offering to let me visit him and his family, prior to SAP TechEd.  But I don't want to rely entirely on his attention ("squirrel!") and wear out my welcome.

Below is a table with the latest itinerary proposed by the professional(s).  I've usually tried to find an offbeat hotel or motel in cities I visit (I will tell stories about some of them, but not on the record). One reference web site described "Legacy Properties" as those built some time ago, well maintained or restored, offering more character than luxury.  That's  what I'm looking for!  More on how to get back to me below.


SCNotties - Bollywood Edition!

Since this blog is being posted on SCN, and the primary justification for my journey is to do SAP TechEd in a new location, with the vacation/holiday being my dividend for putting forth the effort to show up and signify, Mark Finnern mentioned something about the SCNotties awards when we talked.  I had thought about how the 2011 edition will be communicated, judged, and recognized, and here is the first hint: SCNotties Go To Bollywood.  We'll accept 30 second or so videos from those who plan to attend TechEd Bangalore, and we'll also have a second contest to be done ad hoc during the conference.  Watch the SCN wiki for more details as I work with  the Community team on this cinematographic extravaganza.


Sample Itinerary



Depart / Arrive

Hotel  Name

22 Oct 2011

Arrive Delhi

The Connaught

23 Oct 2011

In Delhi


24 Oct 2011

Depart Delhi



Arrive Agra

The Gateway Hotel

25 Oct 2011

Depart Agra



Arrive Jaipur

The Ramada

26 Oct 2011

Depart Jaipur



Arrive Udaipur

The Lotus Resort

27 Oct 2011

In Udaipur


28 Oct 2011

Depart Udaipur



Arrive Jodhpur

The Park Plaza

29 Oct 2011

In Jodhpur


30 Oct 2011

Depart Jodhpur



Arrive Delhi

The Connaught

31 Oct 2011

Depart Delhi



Now what?

How can you help a lonely SAP Mentor find his path through the land of Mahatma Gandhi? If you have general comments about getting to and from SAP TechEd, or the SCNotties awards, drop a comment onto the blog.  If you have specific recommendations of alternate accommodations, are willing to be a short term tour guide (a couple hours, or an afternoon), want your picture taken with me On The Road, or have other comments of a transient nature (and, especially, your contact information), drop me a note via the usual channels found on my SCN Business Card. Don't put critical comments about the above accommodations in either place, please.