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Oftentimes folks gripe and grouse about the software we use every day, but have nowhere to turn. Thanks to the hard work of ASUG joyce.butler3, SAP’s Peter DiGulio and the ASUG HQ Influence team, SABOC attendees will 4 chances to have your voices heard in Austin!

Monday 2-3pm: Predictive Analytics Influence Council
Tuesday 1:30-2:30pm: Lumira Influence Council
Tuesday 4-5pm: BI Platform Influence Council
Wednesday 10:15-11:15am: EIM Influence Council

These will be like the succesful Influence Design Thinking sessions we did this year at ASUG Annual Conference/Sapphire. The leaders will have some slides and updates, then will kick off into a feedback gathering session. This feedback will be taken back to the full councils for ranking and incorporation into the their current workflows. Many thanks to these council’s Customer Chairs and SAP Leads, who have volunteered to hold council sessions for SABOC!

These sessions are a great opportunity for those who aren’t ASUG members to check out how Influence works! If you are an ASUG member, this is a great time to check out if volunteering to participate in a future Influence Council is right for you.

We’ve got a few weeks until Austin and as you prepare your agenda, make sure to keep a slot open for these sessions. Enjoy the conference!!

(Full Disclosure before someone asks in the comments- I will not be at SABOC this year, unfortunately. The end of my family vacation overlaps the start of the conference, so you’ll have to enjoy Austin without me. Sorry ‘bout that!!)