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Natascha Thomson has The specified item was not found. for 2010 TechEd - we're having more community video contests! Last year we had many entries, mainly from names well known within the community.   We've split the categories into "serious" and "fun", or "business process" and "hackers" if you will.


The wiki pages for 2010:


I'd really like to see new faces and fresh ideas in this year's submissions.  It isn't that hard, technically, as many of you may have video cameras, still cameras that shoot movie footage, or you could even do an animation.  Here's a low brow clip I did last year, using freeware tools:


My notes from last year -  30 seconds over the hill

Well, here's my first short film for 2010.  As it says in the intro, I'm disqualifying myself from the SCNotties award (given I'll be a judge).  However, I can still enter in the Community Choice awards.


Movie Sign!



Get those video bits on file!  Add a comment if you need help.