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All businesses need to integrate proper finance and accounting practices. To be successful in its operations, it is important for the business to understand how to properly track, analyse and utilize financial data in the most effective and efficient ways.                                                                                                                                                                     

Since 2001, many of our clients have faced challenges when it comes to best financial and accounting practices. Managing financial data such as balance sheets, income statements, taxes, cash flow and payroll is no easy task. As a company grows, these processes can often become more time consuming and perplexing.

With SAP ERP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Accelerated Finance and Controlling with SAP HANA, we are able to bring our customers the much-needed solutions and within a much shorter time frame. As such, ETIAH has been able to better serve our clients’ financial and accounting challenges by going above and beyond an organizational data platform. How? SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for accelerated finance and controlling with SAP HANA has allowed us to equip our customers with the tools they need to analyse and utilize their financial data.

In order to grab hold of these financial and accounting practices, there are three crucial steps you can take to maximize your business’ time and efforts. In our experience, these three aspects can be broken down into financial organization, analytics and accessibility: or, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI) and Mobility. These integrated solutions are most effective when it comes to best financial practices and solutions for businesses.

With Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration, business can utilize applicable business data to help automate and facilitate important business functions and decisions when it comes to their finances. ERP for finance can also help to simplify large quantities of secured, financial data. With Business Intelligence (BI), the need for fast and efficient BI solutions has never been more important than it is today. Company decision makers are relying on innovative solutions to securely store, access and utilize data in the most effective ways. Finally, with mobile integration, business owners, upper-level management and select employees can gain access to important financial data right at their fingertips --- anywhere and anytime.

This article was written by Shauna Beaudoin on behalf of ETIAH Enterprises Inc.  To learn more about ETIAH, please visit the company website, blog or join the team on Twitter. Founded in 2001 and a SAP partner since 2002, ETIAH is an IT consulting and process management firm that specializes in the delivery of ERP and BI solutions: