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This covers just a part of 2018 ASUG Annual Conference, co-located with SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando, June 5-7.  This was a webcast earlier today.  Slides are here.  Replay to the recording is here.

These events have been co-located since 2006, allowing attendees choices on how to plan and manage their conference experience.
ASUG hosts the world’s largest SAP customer-run event. The event offers more than 500 customer-run sessions, formal and informal networking opportunities bringing together SAP customers, partners and employees and the exclusive ability to influence future SAP product direction through the ASUG Influence Model. (source: ASUG)

Source: ASUG

Every year at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, ASUG gathers SAP customers to exchange best practices, lessons learned, and real-world experiences. We know that people learn best from each other, and that idea is what the ASUG community is built on.  (source: ASUG)


In the past, ASUG Annual Conference has focused on the “here and now” of SAP while SAPPHIRENOW attendees get a glimpse of the future.  But with so many roadmaps available on the ASUG side, ASUG attendees can get a glimpse of the future too.


It’s 21 days away – 3 weeks from today!

As you can see above, planning and work for ASUG Annual Conference spans 8 months of the year, starting in November with the tracks planning and call for speakers through June and the actual conference.

Perhaps you should consider coming a day earlier and consider one of the ASUG Pre-Conferences.   There is a  long list of pre-conferences to choose from, and one of them focuses on SAP Analytics and you have the ability to experience SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira Designer in a hands-on focused workshop. (source: Ingo Hilgefort)

This full-day, hands-on workshop will provide customers with an overview of the designer edition of SAP Lumira software and the SAP Analytics Cloud solution. Attendees will learn about the roles that SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Lumira, designer edition, can play as part of their overall SAP software landscape and how they can integrate with their existing on-premise and cloud-based data sources. You will have the opportunity to work directly with the designer edition of SAP Lumira and with SAP Cloud Analytics, in combination with the SAP Business Warehouse application and SAP HANA software, and create a variety of dashboards. (source: Ingo Hilgefort)

Source: Peter McNulty, SAP

Jumpstart your digital transformation journey into high gear by joining us in ASUG Pre-Conference Seminar – SAP Cloud Platform services: embrace new digital business opportunities.

Changing market requirements, new customer needs, innovative business ideas – there are a lot of business challenges as well as opportunities these days. Therefore, it is essential to have the right technology in place to support these efforts. Here’s a preview how the agenda for the full day workshop is shaping up:

Gunther Rothermel, Senior VP & Head of SAP Cloud Platform Services, will set the stage by providing the opening keynote.  This will be followed by the User Experience (UX) – a paramount ingredient to the success of digital transition projects. Our UX product management colleagues, stephany.treadway and Nis Boy Naeve, Vice President of SAP User Interfaces, will be joined by Leo Pharma  as they share their digital transformation highlighting UX modernization

Next in the agenda, We’ll hear from elijah.martinez, Palo Alto based expert for  SAP Cloud Platform API Management and the SAP API Business Hub on how to become a more open and agile company by adopting an API-first methodology.

Next Murphy Oil Corporation together  will explain how they reduced their TCO and TCD through platform consolidation and achieved faster ROI through rapid development and deployment of web and mobile Applications by standardizing and innovating on SAP Cloud Platform services.  Source: Peter McNulty, SAP


Source: SAP Mentors / Pat Chaisang

Be sure to "embrace the magic" and attend some of the ASUG SAP Mentor sessions here.

A number of ASUG BI volunteers will be there – please stop us to say hi - we love to share regarding our BI Community


The link is to a brochure which summarizes our BI community sessions.  Check the tracks in the session catalog.

We have another conference with great content for you.  You told us what you wanted to see and hear.  We’ve done our best to find you the very best

We are not expecting you to read the above but only as an overview of the content.  The link is here.

We have content grouped generally as HANA, Big Data, BW, and BI.

We will be in rooms S for South Concourse  closest to the Hilton – S320 A – D

Last year you had the options of eating on the concourse or in facilities close to the show floor.


Another schedule by day is here.  Another one is here.

Come to the third floor for good coffee

Mears Shuttle at Orlando Airport has inexpensive transportation to the local airports


Redi Pedi Cabs are a nice (good for environment) way to get to restaurants that are not in walking distance.


What did I miss?  See you in 3 weeks?  If you have more questions, please join Joyce Butler and Rachel Ho for this ASUG Webcast on Wednesday - May 16 Deep Dive Preview of ASUG BI/Analytics/BusinessObjects Sessions at ASUG Annual Conference