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So let's be totally honest here.  This was not *at all* the same as actually having a consultant sitting here, providing me with in-depth knowledge about the application area.  And there is a lot of information that is related to "X" that I still don't know, and maybe will never know.  Then again, maybe I don't need it.    I am not saying *at all* that consultants are not needed.  They are, they desperately are.  And when you are fortunate to have some really good consultants on your team, both you and the consultants will benefit.  You learn from them, they learn from you.  It's a beautiful thing.  And besides, some of my very best friends are consultants, and I care deeply about them and wouldn't want them to be put out of business, truly.    But when you have a question or an issue, and there is nobody on site (or on the phone, or in your vast network of professional friends, as was the case for me) you can try coming to SAP Community Network, and search for blogs, forum posts, white papers and more.  To me, that's like money in the bank.