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Hello Friend.

I have read a lots of thread, Then I have learned a new things which is really little bit important to us.

We can see a changes log for a transaction.

We can also see the table changes log from CDPOS and CDHDR.

But for some table we can't also see the changes log from these two table.

We can see all types of changes for a table using SM30 t-code.

Here you can see the all table changes log including Z table also.


To view the changes log, we have to sure about one thing.

Go to SE11

Enter you table name, then press display, You will find a technical setting tab.

Click on this tab.

Then press edit

When you click on the Change button, then the all fields will be in editable mode.

At the bottom, you will find an option Log data changes.

Just tick on the option and save your data.

(Note : It can be little effect on performance for this table, but you can tick the option, as standard sap default, it has ticked on many tables.)

Then changes something in this table.

(Note: If you are using Standard table for changes log, then make the changes only from transaction, or if you are using any Z table you can change the table from any transaction or you can change the table from direct the t-code SE16N using sap_edit)

Now I have made some changes in my table.

Now go to t-code SM30.

Your initial screen will come like as below screen shot

Now give the table name into the field "Table/View"

For some standard table it needs a maintenance dialog, Like as table T156S - Movement Type: Quantities/Value Posting

It needs a maintenance dialog for this table.

Then just enter the table and press Find Maintenance Dialog.

Then a pop-up will come.just press continue.

You can see it will auto populate the maintenance dialog into the table/view field.

If the table has more that one dialog, then a selection pop-up will shows to you..

You can select from them as you dialog.

(Note : Its and example, I am using a Z table for view changes)

Then press display

When you press display, you can see the all data which is in the table.

Here we can see all data is displayed in the screen.

Now Go to Utilities-Change Logs.

When you press the changes log, you can see another selection screen.

Here you can choose the date range to view the changes log for a table within a particular date range.

In Analysis Period:

System picks the default date like as

Start date : Current system date - 7 days.

Start time : It will 00:00:00. it means 12am at night.

End Date : Current system date

End time : Current System time.

You can change the all fields as per your requirement.

In Output Options:

Select the all option as per your requirement.

In Archive Logs

Also there you can select to view the archive logs.

Select the option if you required that.

Then press execute. (may be you can see a pop-up, just select you table)

Here you can see all changes log for the table.

The type displays what you did.

You can see also the old data and new data.

In this way you can see the changes log for a table using a smart t-code SM30.

Thanks and Regards

Dev Patra